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Projects Hydro Excavation

Birmingham, AL

One of OSE’s newest contracts requires our team to regularly perform the initial step of hydro excavation for the installation of new power poles.  With consideration of preventing potential costly underground facility damage, OSE’s industrial services crew, performed a non destructive excavation process, hydro excavation, using a vacuum truck and an air knife.

Safe Soil Excavation

Hydro excavation is a precise and safe method to excavate without risking damage to buried utility lines, pipes or tree roots. It uses high-pressure air or water to break up soil, which is then vacuumed up into a tank. After the utility lines have been exposed, identified and recorded, the soil, which was gathered in the tank, can be returned to the ground.  OSE has successfully excavated poles in Vestavia Hills, Hoover, Auburn, the UAB area, and along Highway 69 from Moundville to Tuscaloosa.

Image of One Stop Environmental technicians performing hydro excavation.

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