Brownfield Redevelopment

Birmingham, AL Ambipar Response OSE recently completed work on an EPA Region 4 Brownfield Redevelopment site for Birmingham Realty Company. This soil remediation project required a four man crew operating dump trucks, excavators and bull dozers to remove lead and PCB contaminated soil at the site of an old car recycling facility. To date, we … Read More

Stream Restoration

Montana & Idaho Ambipar Response OSE’s Relationships in the Rocky Mountain Region From 2008-2010, OSE performed numerous contracts in support of the National Park Service and US Forest Service in Montana and Idaho. In Idaho, OSE repaired erosion on live streams that was a result of extreme flooding, taking into account fish species and turbidity. … Read More

Stream Restoration

Timberline Golf Course was a small stream restoration project in Calera, AL. Ambipar Response OSE created flood plain to slow down the flow of the stream and give sediment time to settle out before reaching the golf course’ lake. The flood plain also helps capture nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen to help maintain a … Read More

Chemical Agent Cleanup

Camp Sibert was the first large-scale chemical agent training area in the United States and operated from 1942 to 1945. Infantry units and individual Soldiers were disciplined in aspects of both basic military training and in the use of chemical weapons, decontamination procedures, and smoke operations. Mustard gas and other chemical warfare agents were used … Read More

Erosion Control

In a project to support ALDOT, Ambipar Response OSE installed erosion control for sidewalk construction along Preserve Parkway. The parkway is adjacent to Moss Rock Preserve in Hoover, Alabama. The controls we installed were to prevent sediments from washing into the wetlands. In five days, our two man team dug a trench using an excavator, … Read More