Waste Transport & Disposal

We manage hazardous and nonhazardous waste from the point of generation to final disposal — ensuring seamless cleanup in compliance with all relevant state and federal regulations, while eliminating the risk of costly violations.

We’ll complete all the necessary profiles for the state. We’ll safely transport your waste to the facility best equipped to dispose of it in an environmentally sound manner. And we’ll provide all the necessary disposal manifests and certificates for your records.

Why Ambipar Response OSE?

When you hire us to handle your waste transport and disposal, we understand that you’re putting your company’s reputation on the line. Our ever-growing list of satisfied clients — from the US Army and the Department of Homeland Security to US Steel — know they can place their confidence in our knowledge, experience and commitment to absolute quality and service.

Our TSDF Selection Criteria

When selecting the best permitted Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facility (TSDF) for your waste, we consider several factors.

Safety records — past and current
Chief among our considerations is a facility’s safety and compliance record. Which is why we regularly vet the facilities in our network — reviewing their audits and conducting our own onsite inspections, to ensure they’re maintaining our standards for handling waste safely and responsibly.

Financial status
We make sure the facilities we use are financially secure, and maintain adequate insurance and closure cost coverage — protecting your liability and our own.

Recycling capabilities
Recycling and/or finding green treatments for your waste reduces your organization’s carbon footprint, and can yield significant savings on your disposal costs. Which is why a TSDF’s ability to turn your waste into reusable resources is high on our criteria list.

Processing capabilities and cost
Because we dispose of significant quantities of waste with our facility partners, we’re able to offer competitive waste disposal prices. We also look at a facility’s processing capabilities and handling costs to determine which TSDF is best suited to accept your specific waste stream — at the lowest possible cost.

The cost and dangers associated with transporting waste increase with the distance from your properties. Which is why we always select the qualified TSDF closest to the point of generation for every client we serve.

Permitted Fleet and Trained Technicians

Our fleet of specialized, permitted vehicles can handle any waste transport and disposal need — starting with vacuum trucks ranging in size from 16 cubic yards / 3,500 gallons to 19 cubic yards / 4,500 gallons.

We also have access to box trucks, semi trailers, stake bed trucks, vans and roll offs.

The broad range of trucks at our disposal enables us to deliver compliant, safe and efficient waste transportation and disposal. But what ultimately sets us apart from our competition is Ambipar’s experienced specialists — all of whom are CDL, 40-hour HAZWOPER, HAZMAT and confined space certified.

Waste Profiling

When you work with Ambipar Response OSE, your waste profile (detailing the characteristics of your waste, and whether it’s hazardous or nonhazardous) will govern the entire waste disposal process — including transportation, the waste processing facility, destruction or reclamation, and reporting.

At the very least, waste that’s improperly disposed-of will result in fines — which is why it’s so important to hire an environmental cleanup company that properly manages all your facility’s waste streams.

Regardless of your operation’s size, all waste is subject to the same federal and state disposal regulations and requirements. Our industrial team can evaluate each waste stream you generate — showing regulators why each waste is, or is not, regulated under the hazardous waste regulation. We’ll generate the necessary documents for internal reports and audits and government reporting.

And, of course, we can safely and cost-effectively transport and dispose of your waste in accordance with all regulations.

Hazardous Waste Management

We specialize in cradle-to-grave hazardous waste management.

We’re licensed to transport hazardous waste in multiple states. And we can handle loads of all sizes.

Our fleet includes:

12′ and 24′ trucks for carrying drums, roll-off box trucks, and other specialized transport vehicles. Our drivers are CDL-qualified with HAZMAT endorsements, and our technicians are trained to consolidate waste and look for savings opportunities for our clients on every job.

Helping you meet all regulations

Violating state and federal regulations, even accidentally, can result in significant fines. Worse still, mishandled waste can have a catastrophic impact on the health and well-being of your employees, your community and the environment.

We’ll help you avoid those risks. We’ll complete all necessary profiles for the state, and safely transport your waste to an appropriate facility that can dispose of it in an environmentally-sound manner. And we’ll provide all the necessary manifests and certificates of disposal for your records.

Waste Minimization

Waste disposal costs are rising. Our waste minimization services will reduce your environmental impact and, through our bulk disposal methods, your costs.

We help clients identify opportunities to minimize their waste management costs — through informed purchasing, recycling initiatives and operational changes.

We saved one client nearly $500,000 by extending the shelf life of materials at a hazardous material control center, sending used oil to be recycled instead of disposed of, and crushing lightbulbs before disposal to reduce the number of containers used.

Can we help you identify savings opportunities, while moving your company towards its waste reduction goals? Call us!