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Services Waste Stream Management

Image of One Stop Environmental employee performing total waste stream management for our client

Waste Stream Management

One Stop Environmental’ s multiple service offerings allow us to provide cradle to grave, waste stream management to our clients. We have successfully handled waste for hundreds of facilities. Our waste stream management solutions provide cost savings, improved environmental impact and most importantly safe and compliant cleanup of your facilities. From our environmental consulting and waste minimization services, to vacuum truckpressure washing and tank cleaning services, and removal and disposal of your hazardous and nonhazardous waste, our experts can support your organization every step of the way.

Waste Disposal Options

When we arrive at your facility, our team will do a complete waste stream evaluation of your entire facility.  Then we will create a total waste stream management plan. Our plan will protect your facility from liability by ensuring the proper handling, labeling, transportation and disposal of all waste. We only transport to facilities that can dispose of waste in an environmentally sound manner. We, along with our partners, offer the following waste disposal and diversion options:

Landfill Disposal– OSE can provide you with landfill disposal options for both hazardous and nonhazardous waste. We can dispose in bulk and broker lower disposal costs through our relationships with disposal facilities than an individual client would be able to achieve on their own.

Incineration– Through our teaming partners, OSE can offer incineration services for hazardous and nonhazardous waste.  Incineration provides the most complete destruction of your waste, and can help your organization reach your zero landfill goals.

Recycling– We help many of our clients reach their sustainability goals by identifying opportunities for recycling waste into new raw materials and beneficial reuse of waste. These solutions preserve our environment and limit our dependence on landfills.  Recycling instead of disposal also results in big, continual savings for your organization.

Fuel Blending– OSE works with several fuel blending facilities throughout the Southeast. This state of the art technology helps conserve fossil fuels and limit greenhouse gas emissions. We will work with your organization to determine the compatibility of your waste with fuel blending processes.

Hazardous Waste Stream Management

One Stop Environmental has been providing hazardous waste management services for almost two decades. We will complete all necessary profiles for the state and safely transport your waste to an appropriate facility that can dispose of it in an environmentally sound manner. Then, we will provide all the necessary manifests and certificates of disposal for your records.

Non Hazardous Waste Stream Management

One Stop Environmental’s waste services include non hazardous waste disposal. In fact, much of the waste we remove and dispose of is classified as nonhazardous. We have the specialized equipment including vacuum trucks and pressure washers plus experienced technicians to cleanup difficult to access waste. Once we have cleaned up the non hazardous waste, we will complete all necessary profiles for the state and safely transport your waste to an appropriate facility. Then, we will provide you all the necessary manifests and certificates of disposal for your records.  We regularly manage nonhazardous waste for clients in the chemical, energy, steel, and automotive manufacturing industries.

Universal Waste Stream Management

The EPA defines universal waste as a category of waste materials designated as “hazardous waste”, but containing materials that are very common. We can manage your universal waste disposal saving you time and reducing your long-term liability. You can call us as needed for this service or set up a pickup schedule. We recycle or find an alternative use for as much universal waste as possible.

We can manage the following universal waste materials:

  • Batteries
  • Fluorescent bulbs
  • Lamps/HID Bulbs
  • Ballast
  • Electronics
  • Thermostats

OSE really is your one stop shop for all of your waste management needs. When you do business with us you’ll get expert solutions from seasoned professionals, a quick response time, and fair and transparent pricing. We pride ourselves on always being accessible to our clients day or night and whether you need scheduled maintenance or emergency cleanup you can trust us to do it right every time.