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Services Lead Abatement and Assessments

Image of One Stop Environmental's employees performing lead abatement

Lead Abatement and Assessments

Certified Lead Abatement Professionals

One Stop Environmental is certified to take on lead abatement projects in many states.  Our reputation is important to us and we understand that we are viewed on how well we perform our duties. Our knowledgeable professionals can safely and efficiently remove lead paint taking care not to damage the sometimes intricate surface beneath.  We can also sample your paint if you are unsure as to whether or not it contains lead and provide consulting services to help determine the best and most economical option for your project.

For more information on OSE’s lead abatement services, please contact our abatement project manager Corey Bingham at (205) 595-8188 ext. 812 or by email at Also, ask about our dry ice blasting service. This is a nonabrasive, mess free option for removing lead paint.


Lead Exposure in Older Homes and Buildings

One of the most common environmental threats found inside of residential and commercial buildings is lead. Lead is most commonly found in paint and water systems in homes built before the 1970’s. Exposure to lead can result in delays in physical and mental development along with deficits in attention span and learning in small children and babies. It can increase blood pressure in adults and repeated exposure can lead to kidney problems. Maintaining paint in older homes and preventing chipping or peeling of paint is of the upmost importance in the prevention of lead dust.