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Services Waterproofing

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Waterproofing is the application process of preparing and installing different material systems that work together to form a water impervious surface.  One Stop Environmental provides installation of the following systems: damp proofing, below-grade waterproofing, air & vapor barriers, traffic coding, joint sealants, expansion joint assemblies, concrete repair, install sheet membrane, fluid applied, cementitious, crystalline or bentonite waterproofing systems.

One Stop Environmental’s Waterproofing Approach

OSE’s approach to waterproofing is a total use of one manufacturer’s components to provide a complete package ensuring the finished product functions as one compatible system; where our competitors often use multiple manufacturers to create a system of less quality. OSE has a history of doing reputable work and due to our vast amount of experience in this industry, we can look at the issue at hand and generate a knowledgeable fix.

  • Masonry Repair-  Masonry repairs involve the repair or replacement of deteriorated mortar joints and/or missing, broken or spalled brick or other masonry units. One Stop Environmental is experienced in the tuck pointing of deteriorated mortar joints by grinding back the existing mortar and replacing it with new mortar as well as removing damaged masonry units and installing new ones.
  • Concrete Repair-  OSE’s concrete repair includes repairing replacement of spalling and deteriorated concrete and corroded reinforcing steel. Concrete repair can also include the injection of cracks in a concrete structure.These repairs can commonly be found in building structures, walkways and parking decks. We can demolish, prepare and patch concrete in beams, columns and slabs with a structural repair mortar. We also inject epoxy resin into cracks in concrete.
  • Carbon Fiber Reinforcing-  Carbon fiber and polymers are used to enhance existing structural members in buildings, bridges and parking decks. This can be done for a variety of reasons to increase the loading capacity of members such as the adding of switch gears, medical equipment or building additions. OSE is responsible for the preparation and installation of carbon fiber system. This typically includes design services to work with a client’s engineer to develop a system to meet the client’s structural loading requirements.
  • Green and Garden Roof Waterproofing-  The roof of a building is partially or completely covered with vegetation over a waterproof membrane. These areas can include paver systems to provide for pedestrian access. OSE installs insulation, root barriers, water retention mats, drainage mats, growing medias, vegetation and paver systems.
  • Deck Coating-  A fluid applied polyurethane system used to protect a parking deck, balcony or walkway from damages resulting from water intrusion or to protect a space beneath the coated area from water intrusion. OSE prepares concrete and installs vehicular or pedestrian coating systems.
  • Air and Vapor Barrier Waterproofing-  Air and Vapor Barrier coatings help to restrict the flow of water vapor and air through a building material. OSE’s teams install fluid applied or sheet air and vapor barrier materials to a cavity wall substrate. This can also include building analysis by specific manufacturers to recommend the proper products based on a structure’s geographic location or to meet a desired result.
  • Elastomeric & Acrylic Coating-  Fluid applied materials used to coat porous exterior substrates to waterproof, protect and beautify a building’s exterior veneer. Elastomeric coatings can be used to bridge cracks in a buildings veneer. These coatings can usually be tinted to a wide variety of colors. Simpson’s experience includes installing coatings on the exterior façade of a building, parking deck or other structures.
  • Exterior Restoration Cleaning-  The use of chemicals to remove biological and atmospheric staining or soiling from a building’s exterior façade. OSE regularly performs cleaning of a building’s exterior substrates.
  • Water Repellant Waterproofing-  A solution of silanes, siloxanes or silane siloxane blends that can be applied to most porous surfaces to increase the substrates ability to resist water penetration. We provide installation of water repellants to brick, concrete masonry units, concrete, precast and natural stones and other porous surfaces.
  • Anti-Graffiti Coating-  A coating or solution that when applied to a surface can prevent graffiti from adhering or allow for the removal of graffiti by weakening the adhesion of the graffiti. We install anti-graffiti coating to exterior building surfaces such as concrete, brick, CMU, stucco and other building veneers.
  • Joint Sealants Waterproofing Services-  The use of polyurethane, silicone or epoxy materials to seal joints or gaps within structures to prevent air and moisture intrusion or to provide a filler for an opening. OSE will install new or replace existing sealants in buildings, parking decks water treatment facilities and other structures, glaze window systems to seal window units, install preformed silicone extrusions to moving substrates without actual joint openings such as metal coping to coping joints or window frame joints, and install epoxy joint filler in sawn joints in concrete slabs.
  • Expansion Joint Assemblies-  This waterproofing service is used to cover or fill expansion gaps or joints in walls, floors and ceilings of buildings, bridges, walkways and parking decks. The assembly can provide fire ratings when required. OSE’s team’s capabilities include installing, repairing or replacing expansion joint assemblies, fillers and covers.
  • Chemical Grouting-  Polyurethane material is used to pressure inject into cracks in concrete for the purpose of stopping leaks. OSE’s certified employees drill and port cracks and inject with polyurethane grout.