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Services UST Removal & Closure

Image of storage tanks. One Stop Environmental performs underground storage tank removal

UST Removal & Closure

According to the EPA, underground storage tank systems (UST) in use on or after December 22, 1998 must meet the closure requirements at 40 CFR 280.70 when an owner decides to close the UST system. If you decide to close your UST permanently, the tank must be emptied and cleaned whether you are removing it from the ground or leaving it. Our technicians can remove all liquids, dangerous vapor levels, and accumulated sludge. If you are planning on leaving the tank in the ground we can fill it with a harmless, chemically inactive solid, like sand if required by your implementing agency. We can also excavate the UST and remove all associated piping, dispose of metal, remediate all impacted soil, and backfill and restore the site.

Whether closing your USTs temporarily or permanently, they must be closed properly as people who do not follow standard safety practices are killed or injured every year while closing or removing tanks. At One Stop Environmental safety is our top priority and it shows with our below average EMR of .77. Our technicians will exercise best practices to ensure your tanks are removed or closed safely.