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Spill Cleanup

Hazardous Spill Cleanup

When you have a hazardous spill on your hands, a fast, competent emergency response team can keep an emergency from turning into a catastrophe. One Stop Environmental offers 24/7 spill cleanup services 365 days a year.  We provide emergency spill response for a broad range of incidents including industrial facility accidents, spilling of oil, fuel, chemical, or other hazardous materials resulting from vehicular accidents, derailments, aviation incidents, abandonment, and natural disasters. Our team has over 17 years experience containing spills for our federal and manufacturing clients. We have distinguished ourselves by providing efficient and effective spill cleanup services in a variety of situations, including:

All of our emergency clean-ups are performed by trained, full-time employees. We don’t use labor pools. You can be assured that the employees on the scene all have the specialized knowledge needed to handle the situation the right way. Plus, we have extensive experience in safely handling highly hazardous and volatile chemicals. For a complete list of our emergency response equipment please contact Thomas Harbin at