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Services Waste Segregation & Consolidation

Image of a One Stop Environmental employee performing waste segregation

Waste Segregation & Consolidation

Identification and Segregation

All hazardous wastes must be segregated to prevent incompatible mixtures that could cause adverse reactions. Our technicians are trained on to segregate lab waste by hazard class ensuring it is disposed of safely.  Examples of proper segregation are:

  • Segregate oxidizers from organics
  • Segregate acids from bases
  • Segregate cyanides from acids.

The challenge most of our clients run into when disposing of chemicals left behind in a lab is that most are not clearly labeled.  That is not a problem for our technicians, we can correctly identify the chemicals through field or laboratory analysis to make sure they are segregated correctly.

What is Hazardous Waste Consolidation?

Simply stated, consolidation is the act of combining hazardous waste streams into containers for storage and transportation. Consolidation allows for disposal in fewer large containers vs. many smaller containers saving our clients money on transport and disposal and reducing their environmental impact.  We are a full service environmental cleanup company meaning we can segregate, consolidate, package, transport and dispose of our chemical waste seamlessly.