Environmental Remediation Support

Ambipar Response OSE provided turnkey environmental groundwater monitoring well sampling services at Redstone Arsenal (RSA), Huntsville, AL, sampling 437 shallow, medium and deep wells at various ranges and areas and performing synoptic measurements of over 1300 wells throughout RSA. The project included following all sampling protocols, wearing Modified Level D PPE, sampling various types and … Read More

Facility-Demolition Support

The FRP is a program of the United States Army Center Huntsville (USAESCH) under which USAESCH assesses and demolishes buildings for the US Army worldwide. USAESCH issued Ambipar Response OSE a contract in 2013 to provide demolition consulting and support services to Corps of Engineers project managers and the FRP program as a whole. Specifically, … Read More

Environmental Due Diligence

Southeast Commercial real estate companies regularly contract Ambipar Response OSE to perform environmental due diligence which affords them liability protection under the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) 1527. OSE’s environmental professionals use in-depth site investigation, personal interviews and historical research to uncover potential contamination or other environmental conditions on a given site. ASTM … Read More