Environmental Remediation Support

Huntsville, AL

Ambipar Response OSE provided turnkey environmental groundwater monitoring well sampling services at Redstone Arsenal (RSA), Huntsville, AL, sampling 437 shallow, medium and deep wells at various ranges and areas and performing synoptic measurements of over 1300 wells throughout RSA. The project included following all sampling protocols, wearing Modified Level D PPE, sampling various types and depths of wells, coordination of 7 sampling teams with Shaw managers and RSA range personnel, collection and management of IDW, meeting daily deadlines for packing and shipment of samples in coolers, and meeting project production rates and schedule for the work.

Prior to initiating groundwater sampling, OSE was required to measure installation-wide groundwater elevations of approximately 1,600 monitoring wells during a single synoptic (“snapshot”) groundwater elevation measuring event. The water level measurements were completed within a five-day period. An RSA groundwater elevation log was provided by Shaw to record static water level and note the general condition of the well for all of the listed well locations. The procedure for collecting water levels at each well included the following:

Groundwater sampling of existing wells and monitoring wells installed during the summer of 2011 were performed as part of this contract. The types and quantities of wells to be sampled included conventional overburden, interface, bedrock, and deep bedrock monitoring wells (476 sampling intervals at 454 locations) and multizone Flexible Liner Underground Technology (Water FLUTe™) wells (130 sampling intervals at 37 locations).

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