OSE has provided asbestos, lead and mold abatement services to Birmingham construction companies, manufacturers, realtors, law firms, and property owners since 2007. Some of our notable projects include: Stoneville USDA Building – $1,342,300.00 (Asbestos Abatement/Demolition), Ft. Rucker Hangar – $213,400.00 (Asbestos Abatement/Mold Remediation/Demolition), Vance Federal Courthouse – $61,411.00 (ACM and Lead Abatement), Fort Benning 8 Building Demo – $59,900.00 (Asbestos Abatement) and Fort Jackson Starship Barracks Abatement – $203,052.00.

What separates OSE from our competitors?

  • CHMM/Industrial Hygiene Personnel-Expertise writing/reviewing general as well as Army Corps of Engineers Specifications and Asbestos Surveys
  • Abatement Supervisors with over 6 Years of service for OSE
  • All workers have to pass E-Verify, drug screen and physical prior to employment
  • Ability to perform Selective Demolition, Lead Abatement and Mold Abatement
  • History of abatement throughout the Southeast
  • Ability to perform wide range of projects ranging from very small to very large

Abatement division manager Gerrad Hicks, was recently asked to speak on common hang-ups with asbestos surveys. We hope these tips will help you avoid asbestos survey pitfalls on future projects.

Tips for Understanding Asbestos Surveys and Specifications

  • Specifications section for Abatement is Generally Division 2.
  • The Asbestos Survey is usually included in the Spec Section or as an Appendices.
  • Have Abatement Contractor accompany PM to the Pre-Bid Meeting if possible. This will get the most accurate bid possible.
  • Often additional site visits are not allowed and this will often cause one of two scenarios:
  1. Contractor will not bid on something “site unseen” or 2) Contractor will give you elevated number to ensure security on their end, hurting your chance at winning the bid and taking away from your profit margin.
  • Minimize abatement related delays caused by submitting 10 Day Notifications.

When do you have to submit 10-Day Notification?

1) Friable Material >260 Linear Feet/160 Square Feet/35 Cubic Feet

2) Demolition Project with or without ACM

3) Structure burned for fire training

* Note that the 10 days means 10 working days

Who regulates asbestos surveys and specifications in Alabama?

  • Jefferson County Department of Health –Jefferson County Only

Craig Tucker – 205-930-1204

  • City of Huntsville – City of Huntsville Only

Scott Cardno – 256-427-5750

  • ADEM – Remaining Counties of Alabama

Lud Hoffman – 334-271-7879

Other regulatory agencies/acts include: OSHA, NESHAP (National Emissions Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants)-Regulates general renovations and demolition in most commercial settings, AHERA (Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act) – Regulates asbestos in schools –Very Stringent – TEM Sampling.

  • Review the scope of work thoroughly. Does the Spec call for full containment for non-friable materials, which is not common? Does the spec call for the Contractor to verify all quantities of ACM? Even in Wall Cavities? See Example below.
  • ACM quantity is a common thing to overlook or screw up by the person conducting the survey as well as the contractor. This is why quantifying ACM during the site walk is so imperative versus on paper. Always try and confirm any quantities if provided in the survey table during the site visit – Confirm with Site Plan if available

* Note that this survey did not identify any quantities of ACM in the survey

  • Some Specs identify light ballasts containing PCBs to be removed along with mercury-containing bulbs and mercury thermostats.

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