Stream Restoration

Montana & Idaho

Montana & Idaho

Ambipar Response OSE’s Relationships in the Rocky Mountain Region

From 2008-2010, OSE performed numerous contracts in support of the National Park Service and US Forest Service in Montana and Idaho. In Idaho, OSE repaired erosion on live streams that was a result of extreme flooding, taking into account fish species and turbidity. OSE safely excavated and repaired hundreds of feet of damaged streams in Idaho and Montana using low impact machinery such as spyder hoes and rubber tired excavators. OSE also repaired erosion and restored site conditions at a former landfill for the US Department of Energy in Los Alamos, NM. This work was done at a live airport, making scheduling and logistics a challenge.

Erosion Control and Streambank Restoration

OSE has successfully executed projects in support of a prime contractor performing erosion control, streambank restoration and other environmental construction tasks for the US Department of Agriculture (US Forest Service) and US Department of the Interior (US Bureau of Land Management.) Ambipar Response OSE has site managers, equipment operators and technicians performing remediation and restoration activities across the Rocky Mountain Region (Idaho, Montana and New Mexico) in support of USDA and other federal agencies.

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