Vacuum services for small cleanup jobs

Have you heard of vacuum lids? We have vacuum services for all size projects, but this one is great for small spill containment.  Here’s how it works. We fit the lid to a drum and attach an airline or air compressor. The material is vacuumed straight into the drum and is ready for transportation. This method is quick and efficient, and prevents double handling. For small quantities this method is  cheaper than using our vacuum trucks for drumming up waste.  It can be done quickly with only two of our technicians.

Vacuum lids are ideal for the following jobs:

  • Explosion hazard handling- The lid runs off air so there is no static electricity and therefore no sparks.
  • Drum transfers- Waste being transported must be moved in a DOT approved container.  The vacuum lid makes transferring waste from one drum to another very simple.
  • Confined area cleaning- Some spaces are too tight for a vac truck to easily access the waste.  This method eliminates the need for a truck altogether.
  • Small cleanup jobs- Sometimes you need a big vacuum truck, but sometimes the amount of waste doesn’t call for it. We use the vacuum lid for cleaning up small spills.

Thanks to filters the vacuum lid works well for both dust and liquid waste. We have interchangeable fittings to work with our clients air lines and if a line is not available, we have an air compressor. If you are interested in pricing or more information, please contact Brandon Kohl. He can be reached at 205-503-1559. Or email us at

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