We were so excited to surprise the winners of this year’s Earth Day Heroes contest on Earth Day, Friday April 22.  We started the day at Cornerstone Schools of Alabama here in Birmingham to surprise our first and second place winners, and then headed to Huntsville to surprise our third place winner.  Thank you to the teachers and administrators who let us add something else to their already full plates so their classes could participate.  Thank you to the parents, friends, and community members who voted, some of you every day for almost two weeks. We are so proud of all of the Earth Day pledges we received this year. Here are your 2016 winners!

Mrs. Brooks 3rd Grade class at Cornerstone Elementary School came in first place. All in all their pledge received over 1,600 votes which blew us away. These students pledged to teach others to stop littering. To support their goal they each made signs to hang around the school to encourage others to stop throwing their trash on the ground.  They received a $300 cash donation, a field trip to see the Disney Nature movie Born in China, and a pizza party.

The 5th grade at Cornerstone Schools of Alabama placed second in this year’s contest. They pledged to grow a garden to create a beautiful habitat for animals and grow food for themselves, their school, and their community. They received more than 1,400 votes! Originally only the first place winner received the field trip, but since they got so many votes we decided they deserved to go too! They received a $200 cash donation, a field trip to see the Dinsey Nature movie, and a pizza party.

Mrs. Weaver’s 1st graders won third place for their pledge to turn off their TVs to save some energy! They received a $100 cash donation for their pledge.

Each participating school was also awarded donations to their library to add to their environmental education resources. Thank you again to everyone who participated and congratulations to our winners!



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