Steel Mill


When a clarifier skimmer stopped working at our client’s steel mill, Ambipar Response OSE was brought in to find a solution that would allow production to continue. When we arrived sludge had built up to 19 feet in areas and divers had not had success fixing the clarifier responsible for treating the wastewater created during steel production. Our team put in place submersible pumps so sludge could be forced into three 20,000 gallon weir holding tanks. We in turn treated the water and sludge with flocculants, vacuumed the tanks, and transferred to solidification sites daily.

Throughout the project we handled on average 150,000 gallons of byproduct a day. For three months we were onsite working 24 hour shifts and maintaining a crew of up to ten technicians and at least one supervisor. Our technicians worked around the clock to insure no production stoppage for our client. As the project drew to a close we built a 300,000 gallon retention pond lined it with plastic to drain the clarifier.

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