Emergency Watershed Protection (EWP)

Andalusia, AL

In 2010 Ambipar Response OSE completed a watershed protection project for the Natural Resources Conservation Service, a division of the USDA. During the four month performance period, OSE executed clearing and grubbing on numerous acres, built three diversions to divert the live stream while work was proceeding, and moved approximately 30,000 cubic yards of material to reshape the dam and refill a gulley.

Land Shaping & Grading
OSE also performed land shaping and grading and dewatering in order to reshape the pond dam and construct new auxiliary spillway. OSE also installed a seep drain in a spring head into a wetland area onsite.

This was the first project in a number of years the NRCS office in Alabama had contracted for the EWP work. OSE showed flexibility in performing work and adapted quickly to changed site conditions. OSE attended numerous meetings with landowner and COTR to ensure access rights were signed off on and that the landowner was satisfied with the work.

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