Lead Abatement

Huntsville, AL

Ambipar Response OSE recently completed a lead abatement project at Remington’s research and development firing range. When our team arrived at the 25 meter range located in Huntsville, AL, lead levels were at 1,100 micro grams per square foot. After an onsite assessment with our client, our team determined the best course of action for cleaning the lead and unburned gun powder.

Our technicians used a lead specific cleaning agent and an intrinsically safe HEPA pneumatic vacuum to clean the floors, walls and baffles of all the shooting stations. We then safely disposed of the lead contaminated liquid and rags in drums. When we were finished the lead levels were at zero non detect.

Our certified lead abatement professionals are licensed to take on projects like this in multiple states across the Southeast. For more information on lead cleanup or a quote for your specific project, please contact Gerrad Hicks at 205-595-8188 ext. 812.

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