Retention Pond Remediation

Quinton, AL

Ambipar Response OSE recently completed an ash pond remediation project at Alabama Power’s James H. Miller, Jr. Electric Generating Plant. Located along the Black Warrior River near West Jefferson the coal plant has 4 generating units and a generating capacity of 2,640,000 kW.

OSE’s team of five equipment operators and foremen utilized a dump truck, excavator, dozer and a long stick excavator to complete the two month project on time and in budget. Our team first hauled dirt to build a ramp and then hauled away six loads of coal out of the retention pond gathered with the long stick excavator. While the project was ongoing a bilge pump had trouble pumping water out of the pond causing the pond to keep filling back up. To solve the problem, our technicians installed an additional bilge pump and worked around the clock to ensure enough water was pumped out to access the ash in the pond and meet the expectations of the client.

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