Thomas Jefferson Hotel

In 2015 Ambipar Response OSE completed a large scale asbestos abatement project at the Thomas Jefferson Hotel (later the Cabana Hotel, then Leer Tower) in Birmingham, AL. The 19 story building completed in 1929 is well known for having the last rooftop zeppelin mooring mast in the world. It is one of the multiple revitalization … Read More

UAB Medical West

In support of the general contractor performing renovations at UAB Medical West Hospital, Ambipar Response OSE completed selective interior demolition and abatement services. As this was an occupied facility, OSE was required to perform this work under close owner and contractor supervision to ensure minimal patient disruption. OSE removed and disposed of specific building materials … Read More

Callahan Eye Hospital

Ambipar Response OSE performed asbestos abatement at the Callahan Eye Hospital in order to support the UAB HS Facilities and Capitol Projects department. Our team removed asbestos wall board, floor tile and mastic, and thermal systems insulation from the occupied building. We carefully abated near operating rooms and other areas of high importance. Some of … Read More

Chicago Bridge & Iron

Chicago Bridge & Iron was an old manufacturing facility founded in the early part of the last century to make bridge components using heat resistant systems. Chicago Bridge & Iron products required insulation materials using asbestos. Changes in environmental law required that all asbestos materials be removed from this facility. Ambipar Response OSE teamed up … Read More

Timberline Golf Course

Timberline Golf Course was a small stream restoration project in Calera, AL. Ambipar Response OSE created flood plain to slow down the flow of the stream and give sediment time to settle out before reaching the golf course’ lake. The flood plain also helps capture nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen to help maintain a … Read More

Former Shredders Facility

Birmingham, AL Ambipar Response OSE recently completed work on an EPA Region 4 Brownfield Redevelopment site for Birmingham Realty Company. This soil remediation project required a four man crew operating dump trucks, excavators and bull dozers to remove lead and PCB contaminated soil at the site of an old car recycling facility. To date, we … Read More

Commercial Real Estate Clients

Southeast Commercial real estate companies regularly contract Ambipar Response OSE to perform environmental due diligence which affords them liability protection under the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) 1527. OSE’s environmental professionals use in-depth site investigation, personal interviews and historical research to uncover potential contamination or other environmental conditions on a given site. ASTM … Read More