Ambipar Response OSE has extensive experience handling the environmental issues faced by the manufacturing industry. Our team of chemists, managers and hazardous materials technicians safely and effectively handle the wide variety of chemicals and other hazardous materials that the manufacturing facilities deal with on a daily basis. Our clean up solutions are cost-effective, environmentally responsible and comply with all relevant state, federal and local regulations. When you work with us, you can focus on what you do best: running your business while we do the dirty work for you!

Services we provide to the manufacturing industry:

  • Plant shut downs – Shutting down a manufacturing plant is a lot more complicated than merely flipping a switch. Ensure that your plant doesn’t leave an unwanted legacy behind- bring in the experts at Ambipar Response OSE! We’ll assess your site, and then help you plan and execute the shutdown. We’ll perform all work in a timely manner, ensuring all work is completed within your shut-down time frame. We’ll make sure that all waste is disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner and that the shutdown complies with all applicable regulations.
  • Tank cleaning – We have performed hundreds of confined space tank cleanings on below and above ground tanks. We have dozens of confined-space certified technicians and the specialized equipment needed to safely clean a wide variety of tanks.
  • Hazardous waste transport – OSE specializes in safely disposing of hazardous wastes. We are licensed to transport and dispose of these wastes in Alabama, Tennessee and Florida, and we have a fleet of specialized transport vehicles piloted by licensed, Hazmat-certified drivers.
  • Asbestos/lead abatement – Many industrial facilities were built prior to the 1970’s, meaning asbestos and lead paint were common components in their construction. OSE is licensed to perform asbestos and lead paint abatement in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, and Arkansas.
  • Sludge/grit removal – With our trained technicians and a fleet of wet and dry vacuum trucks at our disposal, we can handle any size sludge/grit removal job. We routinely vacuum dumps and pits, and oil/water separators.
  • UST pulls – When it comes to underground storage tank pulls, we are experts. Ambipar Response OSE has safely completed UST pulls throughout Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia. We handle tanks of all sizes and conditions.
  • Consulting/permitting- Put our extensive knowledge of government requirements and regulations to work for you! We offer consulting services to help you find responsible solutions to your environmental concerns that comply with all federal, state and local regulations. We also offer permitting services to help you obtain and/or renew appropriate permits for your facility.
  • Emergency response – Call us 24 hours a day for fast, efficient emergency response service. Count on our experienced team of chemists, managers and hazardous materials technicians to resolve whatever problem you have as quickly and safely as possible.