Ambipar Response OSE has extensive experience providing cost effective solutions to the US Government (DOD, DOE, USACE, EPA, DOJ and others.) We take pride in our ability to support your mission. Some services we provide to the Government are:

  •  Environmental remediation- Our team of experts will accurately assess the damage and formulate a remediation plan that meets or exceeds relevant regulatory standards. Then, our trained staff will complete the project in an efficient, cost-effective manner.
  • Environmental staff augmentation- Let us help you augment your staff to meet increased staffing needs. Our knowledgeable, experienced personnel will be an asset to your team!
  • Environmental consulting- We can offer advice and consulting on a variety of different environmental issues and concerns. Put our extensive experience to work for your agency or department!
  • Debris removal/disaster response – Ambipar Response OSE has a a proven track record when it comes to debris removal and disaster response. Our teams were involved in both immediate response and long-term recovery efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and a primary part of our work with US steel has been disaster response. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to emergencies throughout the Southeast.
  • Wetland restoration / streambank repair – OSE can restore drained wetlands to health and repair damaged streambanks, providing valuable habitat for wildlife and protecting the surrounding watershed.
  • Mine reclamation- Mining is a necessary evil that can leave a good deal of damage and pollution behind. We can help put the pieces back together and reclaim the damaged area, making it onc again habitable for people and wildlife.
  • General facility maintenance – OSE is happy to help with your general facility maintenance needs. Our previous experience in this area includes the repair and subsequent maintenance of RGF water filtration units and maintenance of oil/water separators at Homestead Air Reserve.
  • Law enforcement – OSE is proud to work with law enforcement to handle a variety of environmental issues, including the clean up of clandestine drug labs. We have been working closely with the DEA since 2006, and we are familiar with law enforcement procedures.
  • HubZone, WBE small business – Ambipar Response OSE was founded in 1999 by Shannon Riley. We are a HubZone, WBE small business under the following NAICS codes: 562910, 541620, 561210, 562112, 562119, 562998, 541330, 541990